Active Ingredient: Ivermectinum

Pharmacological action - local anti-inflammatory

It has an anti-inflammatory effect by suppressing the production of inflammatory cytokines induced by lipopolysaccharides. The anti-inflammatory properties of ivermectin have been observed in animal models of inflammatory skin processes. Ivermectin also causes the death of parasites, mainly through selective binding and high affinity for glutamate-regulated chlorine channels found in the nerve and muscle cells of invertebrates. The mechanism of action of ivermectin in the treatment of inflammatory skin lesions in rosacea is not fully understood, but it may be associated with both anti-inflammatory effects and the ability to kill Demodex mites, which, in turn, can be a factor causing skin inflammation.

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Application of the substance Ivermectin

Inflammatory skin lesions in rosacea (papulopustular form) in adult patients.